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Update: 24 February 2014

Well, the Samsung S5 has now officially launched. See our sister site for our first take on the new Samsung S5 phone.

The release date of Samsung Galaxy S5 is approaching near and the all the leaks and rumors are adding the spices to the excitement of the people. Next generation Samsung Galaxy smartphone might feature true 8-core processor, 3GB RAM, 16MP ISOCELL sensor, 5.29 inches display (qHD) 2560 x 1440 and many new things.

The early rumors were stating that Samsung will schedule the Galaxy S5 release date in the month of January 2014 but now release date of S5 has walked away. After the release of iPhone 5S, it was looking that Samsung will definitely launch S5 earlier because of the competition pressure. But now, Note 3 is balancing the things for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S5 ARM V8

If all the rumors discussed above would be true then no doubt, Samsung Galaxy S5 would be the best phone in the market and its sale will bring the huge profits to the Samsung but every Samsung fan wants to know when it is coming to the market?

The imagination and the rumors of Galaxy S5 are walking with its big brother Galaxy Note 4. Galaxy Note is series is also popular like Samsung Galaxy S series and it is bringing already huge profits to the Samsung and the example is in front of us the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Both the new devices would take the Samsung devices to the next level and the expectations of people are also touching the sky.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date possibilities

As discussed Samsung will not be launching Galaxy S5 in the month of January and there are also negligible chance for the month of Feb 2014. Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 in the second week of March 2013 and released in the last week of April but in case of Galaxy S5, it could be little earlier. In March 2014, Samsung may schedule the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date and the 3rd week of March has the maximum probability to be the release week of Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5

The amazing Galaxy S5 specs & features:

  • True-octa core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz
  • 3GB RAM
  • 5.29 inches QHD display 2560 x 1440 (finally 2K), no flexible, no curved edges.
  • 16MP ISOCELL Sensor – primary camera having low light sensitivity
  • Metal body
  • Finger print and eye scanner sensor
  • 4G & dual band Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Battery 3000 mAh to 3300 mAh

The above specs might be true in case of Galaxy S5. After launching the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung took the hardware specs to the next level, which includes Octa-core processor (partially active), full HD display, 3GB RAM and complete smoothness in terms of touch and feel. Now time has come that Samsung should step forward. Samsung fans are always confused between they should buy Samsung Galaxy Note series phone or Galaxy S series device. No doubt, Samsung devices are giving competition to each other and early launch of S5 could also affect the sales of Note 4. So, now wait for March 2014 to hold the S5.

Processor & Memory:

If we talk about the processing units of Samsung Galaxy S5, it may feature all new generation Samsung Exynos 6000 series chipset that will support the 8 separate processing cores and the result of those processing cores would take the performance level to unbeatable level. Moreover, Exynos 6000 architecture would be 64-bit and this will add the new flavor to the processing. Similar thing has already appeared in the case of iPhone 5S. Right after the release of iPhone 5S, Samsung confirmed they are also working on 64-bit architecture chipset and the next generation Galaxy S5 could be the first to taste the flavor but in case of Note 4 it is confirmed that its processing architecture would be x64. The news regarding the true-octa core is almost confirmed but x64 architecture is still in dilemma.

As per the system memory, 3GB RAM in enough and it will run all the resources smoothly. But people expectations stating that they want 4GB RAM. If your friend is saying, he is expecting 4GB RAM in S5 then you should ask him/her that why he want 4GB RAM. What he/she wants to do? If Galaxy S5 would come with the 3GB RAM then you should not criticize it, 3GB RAM is more then enough. In the next generation devices like Galaxy Note 4 we might see 4GB RAM because that time the standard would be at higher level and such applications or OS capabilities would be discovered that would confuse more system memory.

In 2012, Samsung showed the 128GB memory modules. And Samsung may includes these modules in the Galaxy S5 but there are least chances that S5 would have 128GB on-board storage memory because it will make the phone more expensive and the target of Samsung is to launch a best smartphone in a best price range because that all fan wants. No doubt there would be two generic models with memory 16GB and 32GB on-board storage and 64GB and 128GB model has least possibility to be there. Yes, there would be a microSD card slot so that you can expend its memory according to your needs.


The recent report shows that Samsung will use LCD display in the future smartphone instead of AMOLED type because, LCD displays are cheaper and Samsung may cut a good price because display is one of the costliest part of a smartphone. Already few Chinese manufactures have revealed the world’s first 2K resolution display smartphone and now the leader will take it to the next level by including the qHD display 5.29 inches having resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. With this pixel density the quality of display would be amazing. For a human being it is difficult to distinguish between a pixel at that level of pixel density and the real HD would be felt by eyes, so be ready to hold something better and bigger in your hands. Galaxy S5 display would really be interesting.


Galaxy S5 eye scanner

iPhone 5S has many attractive specs and features and finger print sensor is one of them. Now every smartphone manufacture will bring more advanced finger print sensor in their smartphones and Samsung could be the second after the iPhone in this race. There are chances that Samsung will integrate such sensor and it would be advanced as compare to iPhone 5S sensor because iPhone 5S finger print sensor has few cons and if Samsung manage to overcome it then Samsung fans like me, would have one more chance to tease Apple fans (no offense please).

Samsung Galaxy S5 16MP ISOCELL Sensor ready to take the quality to next level

Samsung has prepared the new ISOCELL sensor for its smartphones and it would appear in the Samsung Galaxy S5 for the first time. The new sensor has the better response time, offer better quality and can give the good results in the low light. On the other hand, Sony Xperia Z1 has pretty good 20MP sensor, which also has pretty good low light sensitivity and offer really good quality. Samsung Galaxy S5 camera can give the head to head collision to Xperia Z1. And more advanced ISOCELL sensor would appear in Note 4.

Galaxy S5 price ranging up to $700

At the time of Galaxy S4 launch, it got the price tag around $675. And S5 will respect this price and it wouldn’t cross the tag of $700 and within two months after the launch we will definitely see the price drop because other competitor like Sony and HTC will also launch their best phone in the beginning of 2014.

Update: 12/01/14

Head Gesture Technology

The latest buzz as published in a Dutch website named Galaxy Club is that a European company has filed a patent for gesture control. There is a high chance that this technology will make it to the Samsung Galaxy S5 itself. With the use of this technology it will be possible to control a device in which it is used by gestures only. The gestures that this technology can decipher are head movements, winking, a snarl or even a nod. Since Samsung has always power packed its flagship phones with innovative features that could give it an edge over others, we would not be surprised to see the gesture control feature in the phone.

The blueprint of the patent reveals that the gesture control technology will be integrated with the front facing camera of the phone, and the camera will track the gesture of the users and respond to it appropriately. Though this technology was released yesterday itself, but the developers were working on it from last year 2013. That has given Samsung enough time to make this technology full proof and absolutely ready for use in Galaxy S5. We hope to see this feature in Sammy’s next release as that would give the users another to boast about it.

Update: 15/01/2014

Stainless Steel Body

The reputed Korean news channel Etnews came up with the news that Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to sport a stainless steel body along with molded plastic. Use of this metal on the plastic cover is definitely going to make this smartphone keep up with its name i.e. being really smart both feature and look wise. Moreover, the use of this metal cover is going to make the phone resistant to scratches as well as corrosion. But we cannot ignore the fact that its use is also going to add on to the overall weight of the phone. So those of you who are looking for a light weight phone might still opt for a plastic body for a smartphone.

As far as the reason(s) which has played an important role for changing the material used in the back cover is concerned, first is that Samsung wants its flagship phone of 2014 to be absolutely chic. Next, though there were many options but Samsung choose stainless steel as that would reduce the company dependency on the supply chains of China and Taiwan which it was not ready to comply with. To top it all Samsung is also planning to coat the stainless steel body with nano sized diamond particles. So lets just hope for the best!!


Galaxy S5

Just few more weeks and we will see something official about the Galaxy S5 from the Samsung. All the rumors and leaks that are leaked so far are interesting and making the Galaxy S5 verdict among all the smartphones of the market. All Samsung fans are waiting for the next revolution in the smartphone era. New sensors will add the new life to the phone. Let’s wait and watch for the final action of Samsung “coming soon”. It was all about Galaxy S5 images and the rumors. Stay tuned with us, we will publish all the latest updates, you may subscribe to us to receive the updates directly into your mailbox. And most importantly, your comments and social twitter & Facebook likes are our motivation, cheers!

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