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Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Have A Retina Scanner, Sensors Confirmed | No Fingerprint Scanning

Retina scanner in Galaxy S5

Retina scanner in Galaxy S5

The world is waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to release with eager anticipation, but it seems Samsung has certain surprises in store for the users. The Galaxy S5 is rumored to have a retina-scanner like identification functionality, which has the potential to top Apple’s fingerprint scanner in the iPhone.

To give an idea on what retinal scanner works, it is a biometric technique which scans the user’s retina for unique patterns which identify them. Retina scanner can also be called as “eye scanner”. If Samsung really implements this in the Galaxy S5, then it will be the first phone ever to include a retinal scanner, which seems likely, as Samsung has always been a pioneer in this field.

The retinal scanner may turn various other security features obsolete, like the pattern matcher, code matcher or even the fingerprint scanner. Along with this rumor, another says that the Galaxy S5 will not have a fingerprint scanner. Maybe this is because the fingerprint scanner in iPhone has not lived up to the hype it created.

Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5: The future is not far

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will have two retinal scanner sensors placed on top of the device,near the earpiece, if sources are to be believed. Although  the placing of the sensors may be different in the actual handset, it is very much likely that the phone will most definitely have eye-tracking scanners for security and authorization. Though it will be interesting to see how users respond to this technology(if it is included), but in any case, if a retinal scanner is used in the Galaxy SV, then it will be yet another first for Samsung, which is already the world leader in smartphone sales.

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