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Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Sony Xperia Z2

The ultimate smartphone competition will commence next year , when two major phone giants will battle it out against each other. We are referring to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2. It will be of great interest to see which one of the smartphones will be better than the other, since both these phones are still in their initial phases and no word of confirmation has come on either of them from the respective companies, but considering the hype and hysteria surrounding both these phones on various online forums, we firmly believe that the Samsung VZs Sony battle will be one to watch out for next year.

So here is a short comparison between the Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2:

  1. Screen

Both the phones are expected to have brilliant displays, with rumors suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S5 having a 5.3” full HD screen, and the Xperia Z2 will have a 5.2” FHD 1080p screen. Though both these screens would be a pleasure to view, we think that the Galaxy S5 screen would be slightly better. Also both are expected to feature Corning Gorilla glass, which would make the screens scratch resistant.



2. Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S5 could feature a 20 MP camera with Samsung’s own ISOCELL technology, whereas on the other hand the Sony Xperia Z2 is expected to hae a gorgeous 25 MP autofocus camera with advanced optics and shooting features. We expect Sony’s Xperia Z2 to top the Galaxy S5 in the camera department, judging by previous phones in their respective series.

3.  Operating System:

It seems very likely that both the smartphones will feature Android 4.4 Kitkat out of the box. The latest version of the Google owned OS will expectedly provide tight integration and an overall smooth UI and user experience for both the Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2, so both phones are at par in this respect.

4. Security

Apart from the standard Android security features, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to have a retina scanner as an added biometric security feature. The Sony Xperia Z2 on the other hand will not have any such feature, if speculations are to be believed.

Android 4.4 KitKat

Both phones will have Android 4.4 KitKat


We cannot come to a definite conclusion as to which phone will be better, but it would be a matter of choice of the user.

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